Score Documentation

The score library implements the Simple Coded Reliable protocol for reliable unicast and multicast communication over UDP.

The examples folder contains sample applications that demonstrate the usage of score, such as sending and receiving data.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this library, please contact us at our developer mailing list (hosted at Google Groups):

Quick Start

If you already installed a C++11 compiler, git and python on your system, then you can clone this repository to a suitable folder:

git clone

Configure and build the project:

cd score
python waf configure
python waf build

The waf configure command ensures that all tools needed by Score are available and prepares to build Score. This step will also download several libraries into a local folder called resolved_dependencies.


You can use the --resolve_path option to specify the download location for the dependencies (if you want to change the default location).

On Linux and Mac OSX:

python waf configure --resolve_path=~/dev/resolved_dependencies

On Windows, you can also specify the resolve_path as an absolute path with a drive letter, for example:

python waf configure --resolve_path=C:\dev\resolved_dependencies

Run the unit tests:

python waf --run_tests

Build the Documentation

To build the documentation locally you need to install the python packages listed in docs/requirements.txt and run make html - to generate the documentation as html, we recommend you do this inside a python venv, a docker, or similar.

cd docs
pip install -r requirements.txt
sphinx-build -b html docs/source docs/build/html

To generate a pdf of the documentation install the needed tools and run

sphinx-build -b latexpdf docs/source docs/build/latex

Platform Support

Score is portable to a wide range of platforms (both hardware platforms and operating systems).

We ensure compatibility with the supported platforms through a suite of unit tests, the current status can be checked at the Steinwurf Buildbot page. At the bottom of the main page, you can find detailed information about which platforms and compilers are currently tested by Steinwurf.


The Buildbot is used for several different libraries. The score library can be found in the overview on the main page.