Score UDP Documentation

The score-udp repository contains high-level C++ wrappers for the score library that implements the Simple Coded Reliable protocol for reliable unicast and multicast communication over UDP. These high-level wrappers provide access to the full functionality of score without exposing any implementation details to the user.

The score-udp repository:

The score repository:

The examples folder contains sample applications that demonstrate the usage of score-udp, such as sending and receiving data over UDP.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this library, please contact us at our developer mailing list (hosted at Google Groups):


Please read our general documentation here to get started:

The score-udp documentation is located here:

Quick Start

If you already installed a C++14 compiler, git and python on your system, then you can clone this repository to a suitable folder:

git clone

Configure and build the project:

cd score-udp
python waf configure
python waf build

Run the unit tests:

python waf --run_tests