Kodo is a C++ library for implementing Erasure Correcting Codes, in particular Network Codes. The library is intended to be used as a building block for reliable communication protocols and systems and for research on the implementation of Network Codes.

Kodo is available under a research- and education-friendly license, and it enables researchers to implement new codes and algorithms, perform simulations, and benchmark the coding operations on any platform where a modern C++ compiler is available. The library provides a multitude of building blocks and parameters that can be combined to create custom codes.

There are several options to use Kodo in your project. Easy-to-use bindings are available for various programming languages. The Projects section should help you find the best option for your needs.


The Score (Simple COded REliability) protocol provides a specialized solution for Reliable Multicast over UDP. The protocol makes it easy to efficiently transmit data to many devices simultaneously over a shared medium, e.g. WiFi.

Score is a commercial product, and therefore a commercial license is required for using it. The library is available on a wide range of platforms, and it is designed for easy integration with existing software. It exposes a simple Application Programming Interface (API) to allow the programmer to take advantage of Reliable Multicast in a custom application.