News for kodo-rlnc-c

This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list of every change, see the Git log.


  • tbd


  • Minor: Added some examples.
  • Major: Separated the kodo_rlnc_c.h header file to encoder.h and decoder.h in order to mirror the kodo-rlnc headers.
  • Major: Changed the opaque pointer types to allow the compilation of pure C programs.


  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 13


  • Minor: Added support for binary16 finite field.
  • Patch: Fix defines so that the library now works on Windows.
  • Major: Switch from using kodo-rlnc’s mix-in layer stacks to using the wrappers.
  • Major: Upgraded to kodo-rlnc 11.
  • Major: Changed c “namespace” from kodo_rlnc to krlnc.
  • Major: Changed construct and destruct to new and delete.


  • Major: Initial release.