News for kodo-fulcrum

This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list of every change, see the Git log.


  • tbd
  • Minor: Added sphinx documentation.


  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 13


  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 12
  • Major: All mixin layers were moved to the detail subfolder.
  • Major: The fulcrum_encoder was renamed to encoder and the fulcrum_combined_decoder was renamed to decoder.
  • Major: The fulcrum_inner_decoder and fulcrum_outer_decoder stacks were removed, since these are not useful in real applications.


  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 11
  • Minor: Updated the license to STEINWURF EVALUATION LICENSE 1.0.


  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 9


  • Major: Created the kodo_fulcrum static library that includes the common encoders/decoders defined in this project. The advantage of using the static library is that the coders are compiled only once.
  • Major: Replaced all encoder/decoder stacks with high-level API wrappers that hide all implementation details from the user. The API wrappers provide the same public functions as the original stacks.
  • Major: Removed the obsolete interfaces in src/kodo_fulcrum/api.
  • Major: Merged fulcrum_nested_stack_info into fulcrum_nested_stack.
  • Major: All stacks use shallow storage by default. The separate stacks with the shallow_ prefix are removed. Deep storage will only be available in custom stacks.
  • Major: The finite field template parameter becomes a run-time parameter, so the same coder stack can work with multiple field implementations. The actual field is selected as the first parameter of the coder factory.
  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 8


  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 7


  • Minor: Added tests to ensure wireformat compatibility.
  • Minor: Added the kodo_core::nested_set_seed layer to the fulcrum_encoder stack, so it is possible to generate reproducible coding coefficients. This is important in a wireformat test.


  • Major: Upgrade to waf-tools 4
  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 6
  • Minor: Upgrade to gauge 11
  • Minor: Upgrade to stub 6
  • Minor: Upgrade to gtest 4


  • Major: Update to kodo-rlnc version 5.


  • Minor: Added systematic_coefficient_mapper.hpp.
  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 4.
  • Minor: Upgraded internal dependency stub to version 5.


  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 3


  • Major: Upgrade to kodo-rlnc 2
  • Major: Renamed the kodo::fulcrum namespace to kodo_fulcrum.


  • Initial release based on Kodo 34.0.0